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Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Programme 2024-2025 | How to Apply

Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Programme 2024-2025 is now open to all interested applicants. The scholarship program is one of the three master’s programs offered by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission. The United Kingdom government scholarship program, driven by international development goals is offered by the Commonwealth and functions within the parameters of the Commonwealth scholarship and fellowship.

The duty of the CSC integrates sustainable development with the UK national interest and they offer opportunities for international partnership and collaboration by drawing individuals with exceptional talent and identifiable potential from all backgrounds and assisting them in becoming leaders and innovators upon their return home country.

Scholarship for the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Programme 2024-2025

A written agreement between the CSC and the UK university covers the entire approved tuition fee; scholars are not responsible for any portion of this cost.

Approved travel from the home country of the scholar to the UK and back after the award; the CSC will not pay for dependents’ flights or travel expenses incurred before the award’s confirmation.

A stipend (living stipend) is paid and supported by the institution at the rate of 1,347 pounds per month, or 1,652 pounds per month for students attending universities in the London metropolitan region (rates quoted at current levels).

Thesis award, provided by the CSC, to help cover the cost of writing a thesis or dissertation, if applicable.

Contribution to the cost of a necessary tuberculosis (TB) test, when applicable, paid by the CSC-funded university; receipts must be shown to apply for a visa.

A scholar’s child allowance is 576.61 pounds for the first kid and 143 pounds per month for the second and third children under the age of sixteen if they live with them at the same residence in the UK and are widowed, divorced, or single parents.

The institution will pay the study travel award, which is financed by the CSC, toward the cost of any study-related travel inside the UK or abroad.

Eligible Countries

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