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CUSEF Young Leaders Scholarship 2024 (One Young World) – APPLY NOW

The One Young World in collaboration with the China-United State Exchange Foundation brings an interesting scholarship offer, CUSEF Young Leaders Scholarship 2024. This initiative focuses on identifying and empowering eight exceptional young leaders globally who have demonstrated a positive social impact in solving critical global issues.

All global threats and challenges are traceable to leadership activities. Thus, One Young World has built a bridge to identifying, promoting, and connecting the world’s most impactful young leaders.

CUSEF Young Leaders Scholarship – Details

CUSEF Young Leaders Scholars will be selected based on their demonstrable contributions to addressing global issues like poverty, gender equality, climate change, and public health.

The scholarship is given to eight young leaders who promote good change. These leaders are allowed to attend the One Young World Summit in Montreal for the 2024 edition. Furthermore, they will also become members of the Worldwide One Young World Ambassador community through the scholarship approval.

Benefits of the CUSEF Young Leaders Scholarship

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