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Daycare Jobs in Different Countries with Salaries Up to $96,788

Are you good with children and do you love always being around children? If yes, then you should consider applying for Daycare Jobs.

Daycare employment jobs have grown more essential worldwide as more households rely on two sources of income to make ends meet.

The wage range however for daycare jobs differs by country. In this blog post, we will be educating you on daycare jobs and investigating their range as we go on. Below are list of certain daycare jobs and their salaries:

Early Childhood Teacher

For this job, their primary duty is to plan and prepare the education environment, and supervise safety and educational progress. They supervise the children in the classroom and offer an encouraging environment for children to learn and practice suitable and acceptable private and collective behavior. They are offered a salary range of $16.50 and above per hour.

Preschool Teacher

They teach children fundamental abilities. They work with kids in groups or on one, according to their needs and the topic. They are offered an average salary of about $16.11 and more per hour.

Lead Teacher

They act as a role model for youngsters when it comes to attitude, speech, and behavior. Furthermore, they respect every kind of cultural background and treat them with dignity. Thus, they encourage children’s growth in areas such as confidence, problem-solving, and more. They are paid an average salary ranging from $16.10 per hour.


Daycare teachers ensure that children placed under their care fulfill their basic requirements. They often look after youngsters from dawn until midafternoon, feeding, monitoring, changing throughout the day, and more. The set of daycares are paid an average of $18.40 or more per hour.

Pediatric Nurse

They focus on taking care of infants, children, and adolescents. A nursing degree, sometimes with an emphasis in pediatrics, in addition to the relevant licensing, is required for applying in this field. Average salary is $125,000 per year.

Childcare Provider

Supervise and oversee children’s safety. Prepare and organize children’s snacks and meals. Assist kids with retaining proper hygiene. Organize activities or develop an educational program that allows youngsters to acquire knowledge about the world while simultaneously enabling them to explore their interests. Average $15.29 per hour.

Top Highest Paying Countries in the Daycare Field


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