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FG and N-power Board Issued 5 Notice of Payment an Extension for Batch A-B-C1-C2


Npower batch C stream 1 extension will be through Npower job eligibility test. Npower batch C stream 2 beneficiaries of Npower who have not paid their Npower allowance for the month of August will send their Npower ID to Npower Facebook Npower or via Npower twitter handle @npower_ng.


Npower batch C stream 2 only Npower beneficiaries who have position on their Npower channel will be transferred to Npower their primary assignment, Npower batch C stream 2 applicants will not be transferred for Npower batch C stream 2.

Npower batch C stream 2  beneficiaries having problems downloading and uploading their Npower mails will check their Npower portal later as this is a temporary problem and Npower technical team is working on it.


Npower batch C stream 2 beneficiaries of the Npower batch C stream 2 program who have not completed their education started training with Npower and they are paid allowances either they return to Npower training centers or after the completion of Npower training.


Npower batch C stream 2 beneficiaries who are not deployed yet will be patient and continue to check the Npower login channel while Npower batch C stream 2 is running.


Npower nexit soft loan for Npower batch A and Npower batch B will not happen soon until after the second round of Npower nexit training which has not started yet

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