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FG And N-power Release New Program for Batch A-B-C1-C2

The federal government social investment program (Npower) is receiving special attention in the coming months and months, especially in May 2022.

Npower’s nexit program has now trained more than 57,000 young people who have completed their training in the Nexit program, and more than 400,000 Nexit graduates will be re-trained soon.

Some of President Buhari’s agenda is to lift more than 100 million Nigerians and their youth out of poverty and unemployment, and the process is well underway and under the control of the federal government.


This May 2022, the beneficiaries of the Nexit batch A-B program hope that the promise made by the Federal Government will be fulfilled.

The Npower initiative is gaining momentum in Nigeria, as it is expected that even after this administration, the program will continue to be managed by the new government to be formed in the new year 2023.

The main target of the federal government program is Nexit which is in batch A-B-C1-C2 in government. The beneficiaries are still being trained.

Currently in batches2 to batch3 more than 750,000 young people are trained, but the federal government says it does not have to train another 400,000 or more, the beneficiaries will be given a certificate of completion and lending this CBN provides, but everyone will get it except those who qualify.

Minister of Relief, Disaster Management and Community Development Sadiya Umar-Farouq, has launched the NEXIT / CBN Agri-Business Small and Medium Enterprises Scheme to emerge as one of the beneficiaries of N-Power Batches. A and B Deprived of Npower program.


The young people in batch C1-C2 have been provided with the means to pay all their allowances which are in the hands of the federal government. Especially C1. to pay the February allowance.

The National Investment Regulatory Authority apologizes to the youths for not paying their last months’ unpaid allowances, and apologizes for continuing to go to their PPA, as their allowance is now in the hands of the CBN

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