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FG&N-power have not announced the date that Batch C 1 will complete their program

On the 23rd of September, some media outlets announced that the time table of N-power Batch C1 has completed their work for the N-power program, that is, Batch C1 will now be returned to the CBN Nexit loan support system.

And this morning, N-power issued a statement that they do not have any information regarding the suspension of Batch C1 from N-power from their side, but everything will happen soon.

Anything can happen if the N-power agency issues a statement that it has transferred Batch C1 to Nexit CBN loan disbursement because even before they start the disbursement process, the agency said that for twelve months Batch C1 will be in this fatigue with an allowance of ₦ 30,000 per month.

If N-power does not remove Batch C1 from the program, it will not come as a surprise because Batch A-B have been benefiting from this program for one year or more with the federal government with an allowance of ₦30,000 per month.

But another announcement is coming out that Batch C1 must finish their work and Batch C2 will start their work because the Federal Government does not have the money to pay for Batch C1 and C2.

So now N-power has not announced that Batch C1 has completed their program, there is no announcement that they will be given more time.

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