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Hasselts University Masters Scholarship 2024 (€1150 Monthly allowance) – APPLY NOW

Hasselts University Masters scholarship 2024 is a journey toward academic financial freedom. The University in Belgium aids academic excellence and global impact, welcoming suitable students from developing countries to apply for master scholarships in the area of transportation sciences aiming at establishing road safety.

Hasselts University Masters Scholarship 2024 (€1150 Monthly allowance)

The Hasselts University scholarship invites up to twelve students annually to pursue a transformative two-year master’s program for knowledge advancement. The scholarship is dedicated to focusing on road safety issues in developing nations. It addresses these challenges through an integrative approach.

Hasselts University Scholarship Details

The Individual Perspective

  • Analyzing human behavior in traffic
  • Strategies to influence intentional and unintentional risk behavior

The Environmental Aspect

  • Designing self-explaining roads and infrastructure
  • Minimizing crash impact through innovative approaches
  • Societal Considerations

Understanding societal norms

  • Translating norms into effective policy and enforcement measures
  • Interdisciplinary Approach

Benefits of Hasselt University Masters Scholarship

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