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How to Add a Gift Card to Amazon 2023 Using Mobile Apps and Website

If you have any gift that is not yet claimed, this post will educate you on How to Add a Gift Card to Amazon. Every now and then, people receive Amazon gift cards from families, friends, well-wishers neighbors, but to use them or claim it becomes an issue

The good things about this, the process is easy and straightforward, you only add funds to your Amazon account, and then you can redeem or claim your Amazon gift card

This will make your gift card balance eligible to purchase goods from Amazon- one of be biggest online shopping outlets in the world

How to Add a Gift Card to Amazon by the Web-portal

This is how to add a Gift Card to Amazon when using the web portal

  • Visit Amazon.com
  • Log in to your account.
  • Find the Claim Code for the Amazon gift card.
  • On actual cards, you might have to peel a tab or scratch off a coating to disclose it.
  • Choose Gift cards at the very top of your Amazon Account page.
  •  Redeem a Gift Card.
  • Apply to your balance after entering the Claim Code.
  • The monies from the gift card are applied to your upcoming transaction.
  • To view your balance, navigate to the Gift Card Account page.
  • Apply for an Amazon Gift Card Directly to a Purchase
  • Select the Proceed to Checkout option after adding your purchases to your Amazon shopping cart.
  • Find the Add a gift card, promotion code, or voucher option under Payment Method.
  • Choose Apply. Any remaining money from the gift card is applied to your purchase and put back into your Amazon account.

Redeem and use an Amazon Gift Card in the Mobile App

  • How to Add a Gift Card to Amazon
  • Download the Amazon app on your phone
  • Click the Profile icon on the bottom menu
  • Search for “Manage Gift Card Balance” by navigating.
  • “Redeem another Gift card” can be tapped.
  • The claim code can be found on the gift card’s back.
  • You cannot move the money there to another account
  • Also, you cannot buy additional gift cards with that sum.
  • Also, you cannot buy additional gift cards with that sum.

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