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How to Get Paid to Watch Netflix 2023 | Trusted Methods to Apply

Do you know you can get paid to watch Netflix? Have you been watching Netflix without any financial returns at the end of the day? If your answers are no, then this is the opportunity you have been waiting for.

Instead of setting and watching the whole series on Netflix, there are ways you can get paid to watch it, this will make you make good money while enjoying your time on Netflix.

As we all know, Netflix is a streaming Network that allows you to watch anime, documentaries, shows, and movies. There are millions of people who streamline this service

Get Paid to Watch Netflix.

There are Five trusted and confirmed ways to get paid to watch Netflix, this includes;

  • Get Paid By Swagbucks When Binge-Watching Netflix
  • Get Paid To Watch Netflix Officially
  • Inbox Dollars
  • MyPionts
  • Viggle

Get Paid By Swagbucks When Binge-Watching Netflix

Swagbuck is a service that pays you when you watch videos and do a few activities online, this has been proving to be true, you get paid when you register with Swagbuck

When you watch Netflix with Swagbuck, it rewards you with decent pay, even without carrying out any major task. This is much better when you compared it with other platforms like stuffing envelopes

With Swagbuck, “you can eat your cake and still have” it  pays you when you are performing various activities, including watching videos, without a fee.

The good thing about Swagbuck is that registration is completely free of charge and there is no subscription fee, in fact, you get a $5 bonus when you join Swagbuck

How to Register with Swagbuck

  • Visit Swagbuck official web portal or download their app on your mobile device
  • Register by signing up with your email.
  • Supply the needed information including payment details
  • Confirm your registration
  •  Start videos running on your mobile device while binge-watching your favorite shows on Netflix.

Get Paid To Watch Netflix Officially.

The second way to Get Paid to Watch Netflix, is by watching Get Paid to Watch Netflix Officially

How does this work? You will be paid when you watch Netflix officially, In this case, you will be employed to be watching Netflix and be offering constructive criticism

By doing so, you are making the producers of movies correct roles or films not well thought off, thus enhancing their services.

This means that Netflix will hire you to do some critics on their movies, and you get commensurate compensation.

And when you watch movies online and tag them, Netflix pays you, this is the official way to get paid to watch Netflix

“These taggers employed by Netflix are officially known as “editorial analysts” or “creative analysts.” The job description of a Netflix tagger requires them to stream a lot of Netflix movies online and tag the various films and episodes of TV programs”.

Inbox Dollars

This app allows you to earn money by taking clipping coupons, and surveys. You also watch videos to earn money on TV

The good thing about Inbox Dollars is that you get paid based on the number of videos you watch. Each video pays you 2 cents and you must reach the threshold of $30 before you can make a withdrawal.

How to Register For Inbox Dollars.

You can visit their web portal or directly download their App on the play store or iOS

Sign Up and start watching your favorite movies.


This method of getting paid to watch Netflix is completely different from the two mentioned above, in this case,  you will be required to review the playlist where they earn points.

MyPoints make sure you earn points to watch playlists, rather than watching individual videos.

For more detail on how to sign up, visit their official website, you can download this app via iOS, or the play store


This app allows you to watch shows on Viggle and earn points by watching the ads and commercials. These include shows from cable channels like Channel, AMC, HBO, and Disney

After you download Viggle, you’ll need to find out your account and supply location access. This determines which programs you’re eligible to observe.

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