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ICFJ Health Innovation Journalism Fellowship 2024 – APPLY NOW

Journalists indeed have a vital role in keeping the public well-informed about the latest advancements in health and medicine. They communicate important information to audiences across the world and hold policymakers, officials, and stakeholders accountable for their actions.

Furthermore, it is of utmost importance to provide accurate and high-quality reporting on the opportunities and problems associated with developing, introducing, and scaling innovations that benefit global health.

In other to support journalism to produce highly comprehensive and accurate information, the Health Innovation Journalism Fellowship was formed. The sole aim is to empower selected fellows with the necessary skills to deliver efficiently and effectively in-depth and well-researched reporting on the latest developments in the health and medicine sector.

Program Overview

The health innovation journalism fellowship is managed and administered by ICFJ and funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Experienced journalist who demonstrates a passion for innovative storytelling in health-related journalists and have a proven record of publishing in major global media outlets are eligible to receive the fellowship. Selected individuals will receive grant funding, training, and individual mentorship to develop and publish their original reporting projects focused on health innovation.

Furthermore, towards the end of the fellowship, fellows will have the opportunity to participate in fieldwork related to health, science, and technology sectors during an international reporting trip.

Throughout the health innovation journalism fellowship, each fellow is expected to produce and publish five articles that explore various aspects of health innovation.


Individuals who are selected will receive financial grants, professional training on one mentorship, and an opportunity to travel internationally for reporting purposes.

Eligibility Criteria

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