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N-power Set Date of August And September Payments Begin Soon for Batch C1-C2

As of writing this report, the payment of allowances through N-power has been successful. N-power batch C stream 1 beneficiaries of August and September have started payment.

In today’s N-power News, NASIMS said;

1. that the beneficiaries of Npower Batch C2 who have not been transferred, please be patient because the work is still going on.

2. If you are posted outside your local government, please meet with the State Supervisor to re-post you except N-Creative & N-Tech beneficiaries who are published according to their political zones.

3. N-know beneficiaries, please note that you cannot download your newsletter. Take a screenshot of your deployment or print a deployment page from a cyber cafe and take it to the training center.

4. Npower Batch C Stream 1 beneficiaries should be patient, there August Payment is on its way.

Batch C 1 recipients will not get any allowance after August, but they hope Npower will extend the withdrawal period. However, Npower did not make any concrete comments about the duration of the term.

On the other hand, the Nasims expressed gratitude for the patience of the recipients so far. Nasims recent efforts have focused on resolving several issues related to payments. You should hold off until the August payment comes.

This shows that Npower is doing its best to settle all outstanding payments to beneficiaries 1 before proceeding with payments to the new beneficiaries of Batch C stream 2 who started serving on the day October 4, 2022.

Receive Npower Batch C Account with August payment. NASIMS said that the Npower batch C stream 1 loan will be issued soon to the beneficiaries’ accounts. But those who have the allowance should submit their complaint to NASIMS support.

Success: It means your account is verified and credited with N30,000.

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