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N-power Work Nation 2022/2023 Eligibility Test for Batch C Stream 1 Job

Npower Work Nation 2022/2023 Eligibility Test for Batch C Stream 1 Job

The Npower Work Nation program hopes to take the first step in providing an open platform for all Npower Batch C stream 1 beneficiaries to develop their careers by testing, validating, and sharing their professional skills and abilities

Npower will use Work Nation as a medium to identify beneficiaries of batch C stream 1 and place them in different industries if necessary, although information about this new program is still in the process.

All Group C stream 1 beneficiaries should log into their NASIM dashboard and view the Work Nation page.

The selection of Npower Work Nation is in batches, if you join and are not selected, wait for your turn with those selected. Quickly write your test and wait for more details

Npower Work Nation Questions.

  1. There are 16 quiz questions and 25 Agric questions.
  2. Before you can take the test, you must upload the verification process and passport.
  3. You must also state your job title and position.
  4. After writing your exam, check your score and wait for more details from NASIM.

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