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Npower: The Npower Board has extended Batch C Stream 1 Six Months

The Npower Board has extended six months to Batch C Stream 1, that is, those who have completed their program this month.

Npower Batch C Stream 1 will pass with the new ones that the board has taken now, but stream 1 has only been extended for six months.

Then the Npower board has returned them to their original PPA, that is, where you have worked and now here you will do. Only what is required is to remove the PPA Letter again.


First you will enter your dashboard, then go to the place where it is written “Deployment” from the bottom you will see where it is written “Download PPA Letter” then touch it and it will download to your phone. Then you have to take it to the place where you are sent (your work place), they will fill out the PPA Letter and sign it.

However, this new PPA Letter is different from the one you removed before; This is where the Focal Person will sign.

You will take her to the local government secretariat so that the Facial Person can sign it, and finally scan or take her photo on the phone, then go back to your dashboard and you will see where it is written “Re Upload PPA Letter” then go in and put it on.

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